APE Brewery and »Siunšk picikl« beer

The APE Brewery was established in 2016. It is the first brewery in Posavje. They are located at the foot of the Lisca Mountain, from which they draw excellent water for their beers. They brew unfiltered and unpasteurized ales.

The owner, brewer and man for everything else in one person is Aljaž Papež - hence the name of the brewery: “Aljaž Papež Establishment”.

APE beers are full-bodied, delicious, and made from selected malts and hops. All beers are bottle-aged.

Location: The APE brewery is located 2.5 km from Sevnica, north along the Sevnična stream in the direction of Planina pri Sevnici (address: Metni Vrh 29E, 8290 Sevnica).

Special offer for cyclists: beer with lower alcohol content “Siunšk` picikl`”, and otherwise

  • production and sale of beer,

  • brewery tours, and

  • beer tastings.

Where to go in the area?

  • Krakovo Estate and Mastnak Wines (2.3 km);

  • Lisca (947 m.a.s.l.), Tonček Lodge on Lisca (11.3 km);

  • Sevnica (2.5 km).


T: +386 41 871 115

E: info@pivo-ape.si

W: www.pivo-ape.si