Castle Legends

Length: 50,9 km
Height difference: 1.550 m

Castles represent the most important Slovenian cultural heritage. Their origin dates back to the Middle Ages. Castles were built on spots that are difficult to access. Short climbs to these places will pleasantly enrich your cycling tour. Each castle tells a story of its former feudal power. On tour you will learn about the medieval life and ride on the so-called castle road. The Sevnica castle complex offers a display of its rich tradition. With baron Moscon and his company you will be able to return to the times of knights and princesses. Baroque frescoes will lead you through the four seasons. Rajhenburg Castle is the oldest asserted castle in Slovenia. The ascetic and very progressive Trappist monks left a special mark on the castle. Did you know that monks were not allowed to talk to each other? They used sign language to communicate. Their chocolate was enjoyed even by the Imperial Court in Vienna. The calm and long valley of the Brestanica creek is one of the most beautiful little valleys in Posavje. Its shade is welcomed in the summertime heat. Podsreda Castle hides a preserved black castle kitchen where they occasionally still light beech firewood. It is one of the few monuments left from the Romanesque period. Its rich life is a mix of Romanesque heritage and contemporary art. Above the castle road in the Vranske pečine Forest Reserve, you will be welcomed by rocky Pavlek (Pavlek Cliffs) with a wooden stir and spoons in his hand. According to the legend, he cursed the sun. Svete gore is one of the most famous pilgrimage destinations in Slovenia. St. Mary’s church and four chapels reveal the rich history and powerful energy of the place. At the Bizeljsko Castle, you will be greeted by a kind lady of the manor. You will never forget the view from her balcony across the Sotla valley. Whose legs are dangling from the ceiling of the castle chapel? Grab your bicycle, castle legends will take you back to the times of chivalry, nobility and troubadours.

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