Gallop of the Black Horse

Length: 22,5 km
Height difference: 570 m

The equestrian trail Gallop of the Black Horse starts in Šentjanž, on the Krekova konjenica estate. Šentjanž, together with the prominent church of St. John the Baptist from the 12th century, lies in a smaller basin on the north of Lower Carniolan hills. Krekova konjenica brings together horse lovers who take care of horse riding in a natural environment and promote positive attitude towards nature and animals. Giddy up, giddy up horsey. Through Šentjanž you descend into the Pekel valley. This canyon got its name after an old folk custom which named all the inaccessible, narrow and dangerous places after hell, »pekel« in Slovene. In summer, horse riding in the shelter of the valley of Kamenica creek is really pleasant. Through the forest you gallop up to the viewing ridge opposite Okič. Not far from the church of St. Anne lies the birth house of Anton Umek Okiški, a Slovene writer. At the crossroads in Vrh pri Boštanju stands one of the oldest plague columns in this region. From here, the path leads to the church on Topolovec. For those seeking gourmet delights, the Dolinšek Inn is not far away, otherwise you continue your path towards the Hrib hamlet. Southern slopes carry carefully cultivated vineyards. You are surrounded by woods overgrowing the steep slopes above the narrow valley of Mirna. The descent is steep and it is best to lead your horse on a leash. In Mirna, horses can quench their thirst and horsemen can have a snack at the Felicijan Inn, where brook Mirna enters the Sava River. From the top of Radna, there is a beautiful view of Sevnica and the eponymous castle above the old market center. From the pedestrian bridge on, you shortly ride along the state road on Sava’s right riverbank. You can never be too careful! You continue along the cart track road next to the river, passing Log and arriving to the Blanca hydro power plant. Sava used to often flood these embankments and fertilize the valley’s plains. However, in the past few years we have greatly interfered with its current and seemingly controlled its power with the building of the hydro power plants and reservoirs. The hayracks still remind us of the former pulse of life next to Sava. After Blanca HEPP you cross the river and take care of your black horse at the Ivkovič Inn. Giddy up horsey!

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