Heathen Horse Trail

Length: 53,4 km
Height difference: 2.200 m

We start our two-day Styrian trail ride along the border of the Municipality of Sevnica in Blanca, one of the fruit growing hubs of Slovenia. The Sava Hills await us.

First, we ride through a maze of forests and clearings to the vineyards of Krajna Brda. In Selce pri Blanci, Roštohar Farm offers its own cured meat products but we must not forget to give our horses some water.

Along the idyllic valley we then ascend in an easy trot towards the Church of All Saints in the small village of Cirje which lies in the embrace of the forest. Above the village of Ložice, we cross the southern slope of Pokojnik through a forest. From time to time we are offered a breathtaking view of the Sava River valley and the hill Lisca. 

In the small village of Pokojnik we can give our horses water. After crossing the northern slope of the Bohor massif we descend into the valley of Sevnična Creek. The descent is so steep that we lead our horses on foot and by Sevnična Creek we let them drink and have a rest. Then we carefully ride through Kurja Vas along the valley of Sevnična Creek. There is a steep climb until we arrive at the Zupan Tourist Farm in Podgorje. Their speciality is freshly prepared trout, which means that there is plenty of water even for thirsty horses. 

Then we ride along a scenic trail until we come to Polje. One cannot help but wonder what drove people to stay here and continue living this tough life on the steep slopes of Sevnična Creek. Perhaps it was the connection with nature and the strong energy that one can feel in these places. We head towards Saint Mary’s church in Veliko Podgorje. In Polje, there is a watering trough for our thirsty horses. We ride through the forests below Lisca and Lovrenc to Guesthouse Močivnik in Okroglice where also the horses can stay overnight. For horse riders, the guesthouse also offers the opportunity to spend the night in a hayloft, where the pleasant scent of fresh hay helps you drift into a deep sleep. 

Giddy-up, giddy-up, giddy-up horsey. 

The next day we descend from Okroglice past some farms of the village of Radež all the way to Loka pri Zidanem Mostu. Above the Vrhovo Hydroelectric Power Plant we cross the Sava River. Then we gallop uphill through a forest to Novi Grad. We continue along a scenic ridge through Budna Vas to Brunk where the mighty five altar Church of the Holy Three Kings stands. At the Skoporc homestead you can rest and give water to your horses.

Along the Krek hiking trail we continue our climb to Leskovec v Podborštu, an idyllic little highland village. Here we can water our horses for the last time and start descending through the sun-kissed forests towards Šentjanž. When the weather is nice, from the Church of the Mother of God, we receive a magnificent view of the hilly region of Dolenjska. Of course, you can stop and pick up some blueberries and a little lower down the road in Češnjice, there are cherries in May. Nature really is generous, we just need to take and taste what it has to offer. 

‘Giddy-up, giddy-up, giddy-up horsey’ echoes through the marketplace in Šentjanž. 

After we take care of our four-legged friends, we can indulge in the fresh flavours and the hospitality of Restaurant Repovž.

Route elevation profile

Višisnki profil