Krek’s Riding Trail

Length: 44,0 km
Height difference: 1.280 m

The equestrian trail along the borders of the Municipality of Sevnicastarts in Šentjanž on the Krekova konjenica estate. The place,which lies in a smaller hollow on the north of Lower Carniola, comesfully to life in the time of Šentjanž autumn – Bučarijada event.Riding across the undulating hollow, where orchards, fields andforests meet, you arrive to the valley of the Podboršt creek andthrough Veliki Cirnik you descend into the valley of the Kostanjevicastream. Horses can drink and enjoy pleasant paddling in the water.Along the creek you can slowly and with no rush reach the valley ofthe Mirna River. Stone arched bridges are only one out of manyfeatures of the valley. Main traffic roads went around Mirna.Therefore, the rich natural and cultural heritage remained preserved.The riding across a mosaic landscape near Škovec ends with a gallopto Malkovec. Panoramic Malkovec satisfies with tidiness and neatlycultivated vineyards, which will accompany you all the way toRovišče. You will ride on the ridge road and hidden paralleltrails. Your eyes will not get enough of the view across wine hills,the Krka River in the valley and Gorjanci Hills in the distance. InPrimož, where they preserve an old custom of blessing horses, yourhorses will be able to drink and rest. Primož is followed by adescent through Hubajnica to Zavratec which lies on the pass abovethe Sava valley. Next stop is Rovišče pri Studencu, where springsthe Štagina creek which will lead you into the valley. Yourequestrian tour of Sevnica’s southern borders ends at the Ivkovičhomestead. Giddy up, giddy up, horsey!

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