Močivnik Guesthouse and Tourist Farm

In Okroglice, below St. Lovrenc, at Močivnik farm, there is a new stopping point for horseback riders and cyclists. The stop is equipped with

  • a bike repair pillar for regular and e-bikes,

  • a charging station for e-bikes,

  • a wooden table with two benches with a backrest,

  • a drinking fountain with a special sink for any four-legged friends,

  • and an information board providing information about the green destination of Sevnica and the wider tourist regions of Posavje and Kozjansko.

Location: Močivnik Guesthouse is located on the slopes of Lisca and Lovrenc in the village of Okroglice. Accessable from Sevnica (11 km) or Radeče (10 km) via the regional road through the village of Breg (5 km; there is also a train station by the Sava River), where there is a signpost for Okroglice and Lovrenc.

Food offer: Močivnik Guesthouse and Tourist Farm offers an authentic homemade taste experience of local seasonal dishes, from autumn-winter meat products and spring Lovrenc stew to summer fish dishes. You must try their homemade salami and other dried meat products, homemade bread with cracklings (pohla), cream štruklji with overheated cream, and cream potica, which is a must for every real foodie. They also offer Sunday lunches and accommodate large private groups of up to 100 guests.

Accommodation: there are four double rooms and one single room.

Skiing: there are ski slopes at Močivnik Farm, a short 70-meter slope for less experienced skiers and a 200-meter slope for more experienced skiers.

Motorhomelot: travelers are also welcome and there is always a special corner reserved for them in the immediate vicinity of the cyclists' stop.

Where to go in the area? On foot, on horseback or by bike...

  • along the Zasavje mountain trail, up Veliko Kozje, Lisca or Lovrenc,

  • for a complete experience, we recommend buying a Shepherd's Basket (more info at,

  • fishing in Okroglice or on the Sava River,

  • visiting Loka pri Zidanem Mostu, the village where Primož Trubar, the father of the Slovene language, once worked (7.5 km),

  • visiting Razbor, the most beautiful highland village according to a 2008 competition entitled My Homeland – Beautiful and Hospitable (2 km),

  • a visit to Jurklošter, the second oldest Carthusian monastery, where Veronika of Desenice is said to be buried (11 km),

  • a visit to local suppliers of cured meat and dairy products.

Contact details:

T: +386 31 367 890