For the needs of the wider Posavje region, as a tourist and cycling destination, they are designing and marketing cycling-tourism products to diversify the tourist offer in the area between Terme Čatež, Terme Krka, through Lisce and Bohorje to Kozjansko Park.


They operate in Posavje, Dolenjska, and Kozjansko.

Offer and activity: 

  • Organization and design of guided or logistically supported multi-day cycling trips.

  • Guiding groups of cyclists on road or mountain bikes.

  • Organization of combined trips (cycling & paddling or SUP).

  • Production of tourist, cycling, and hiking thematic maps and leaflets.

  • GPS tracking, track editing, and conversion into different formats GPX, KLM, SHP, etc.

Contact details: 

Boris Papac

T.: +386 41 657 552
E: posavjeonbike@gmail.com

W: www.posavjeonbike.com