Rajhenburg Castle, Brestanica

Kraj: Brestanica
Občina: Krško
Koordinate: lon = 15° 27' 58.5'' E lat = 45° 59' 21'' N
Nadmorska višina: 141,5 m

Brestanica Castle, also Rajhenburg Castle, stands in Brestanica above the confluence of the Brestanica and Sava rivers. The caste certainly is very old, but the document from September 29, 895, which had long been considered the first written mention of the castle, making it the oldest in Slovenia, was later declared to be a forgery. 

Rajhenburg Castle was destroyed during the Hungarian invasions of the Posavje region. After 1126, Archbishop Konrad I of Salzburg rebuilt the castle, which was first mentioned as “Reichenburch” in 1309. Between 1515 and 1573 the castle was occupied by peasant rebels. In 1884, the castle and estate were bought by Gabriel Giraud, a monk from Lyons, and left to the management of the French Trappists. They turned the castle into the Monastery of Mary's Salvation and remained in it until World War II. During the war, it housed a center for Slovene exiles, after the war, it became a women's prison, and today it houses the Museum of Slovene Exiles. 

(Source: https://sl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grad_Rajhenburg)