Ruins of Ajdovski Gradec

Kraj: Vranje
Občina: Sevnica
Koordinate: lon = 15° 21' 4'' E lat = 46° 2' 20'' N
Nadmorska višina: 430 m

The archaeological site of Ajdovski Gradec is one of the best researched settlements from the Migration Period in the 5th and 6th centuries AD in this part of Europe. It is one of the largest early Christian settlements near the Alps and one of the largest Late Antique high-altitude settlements in Slovenia. It can be compared to settlements such as Rifnik pri Šentjurju, Ajdna, and Korinj Hill above the village of Veliki Korinj. These settlements and Ajdovski Gradec are a testimony to the times of Roman civilization in the territory of today’s Slovenia.