Senovo coal mine

Kraj: Reštanj
Občina: Krško
Koordinate: lon = 15° 29' 4'' E lat = 46° 2' 26'' N
Nadmorska višina: 407,2 m

Senovo lies in the northern part of the municipality of Krško, below the southern slope of the Bohor. The development of Senovo and the entire Senovo-Brestanica valley is closely connected with the coal mine. The history of the Senovo coal mine begins in 1796, when coal was found by the horseshoe maker Andrej Grabner when he was preparing charcoal in the forests of Reštanj. It was first exploited by Count Attems of Rajhenburg, with a surface mine in 1810. After 1904, the TPD took over the mine, which then underwent rapid development. The population increased and Senovo became a typical mining settlement. The mine also developed most of the rest of the industry in the valley. In its golden years, the mine employed almost 1,000 workers. Today it is closed, but still remains open to announced groups of visitors eager for mining knowledge.