St. Maurice's Church, Jurklošter

Kraj: Jurklošter
Škofija: Celje
Župnija: Jurklošter
Občina: Laško
Koordinate: lon = 15° 20' 40.5'' E lat = 46° 5' 41'' N
Nadmorska višina: 367,2 m

The Church of St. Maurice was originally a convent church. The church is an example of Late Romanesque sacral architecture and has been a parish church since 1856. The shape of the church is narrow and long, typical for a monastery, it has a ribbed cross vault, which is an interesting architectural feature called the "Laško group", which later appeared in some other churches in the Laško area. The exterior of the church is also interesting, the niches of the neo-Romanesque facade depict three persons associated with the past of the monastery and the church – the statue of Bishop Henry I of Krško, the statue of St. John the Baptist, and the statue in the central niche is said to depict Leopold VI. of Babenberg or St. Mauritius.