St. Michael's Church, Pilštanj

Kraj: Pilštanj
Škofija: Celje
Župnija: Pilštanj
Občina: Kozje
Koordinate: lon = 15° 31' 29'' E lat = 46° 5' 54.5'' N
Nadmorska višina: 376,8 m

The Pilštanj parish, the mother of all churches in Kozjansko, and also the church of St. Michael, was first mentioned in 1167. In 1802, the seat of the parish was transferred to Kozje, where a deanery was established. The oldest part of the current building is its rectangular nave. Of the Medieval base of the Church of St. Michael, only the free-standing masonry bell tower was more or less preserved and it still has all the characteristics that place its origins in the middle of the 15th century (1466).