St. Ulrich's Church Gornje Brezovo

Kraj: Gornje Brezovo
Škofija: Celje
Župnija: Sevnica
Občina: Sevnica
Koordinate: lon = 15° 20' 23.5'' E lat = 45° 59' 50.5'' N
Nadmorska višina: 176,7 m

The area of the former cemetery around the church is surrounded by a cemetery wall, which is largely destroyed. The church was first mentioned in written sources in 1581. In 1755, the church received its current high altar. Around the church between 1812 and 1847, there was a cemetery for the inhabitants of five municipalities. The high altar of St. Ulrich from 1755 is the only altar in the church. Left and right from St. Ulrich are two knights with swords and lightning bolts in their hands.