St. Ulrich's Church, Lesično

Kraj: Lesično
Škofija: Celje
Župnija: Pilštanj
Občina: Kozje
Koordinate: lon = 15° 30' 51'' E lat = 46° 6' 2.5'' N
Nadmorska višina: 312,8 m

One of the main old buildings in Lesično is the Church of St. Ulrich. The name explains that Bistrica River has been paving its way below Pilštanj towards Sotla River for a long time and it was probably at that time that someone wrote the song: “Water's Flowing Through Pilštanj” (“Čez Pilštanj voda teče”). The Gothic church dates from 1394 and in the 18th century it was rebuilt. The bell tower is followed by a nave and a narrow presbytery with a sacristy. The building division is moulded. The church interior elements are from the 18th century. The most valuable statue in the church is the one of St. Ulrich from the 15th century (1430–1440), which is considered to be one of the most beautiful Gothic sculptures in the Kozjansko region and is cast from clay-brick mass.