The Sevnica Clog

Length: 21,9 km
Height difference: 350 m

They cycling tour is suitable for families with children who have already started to enthusiastically turn their bike pedals. The starting point is the roundabout with a vineyard in Šmarje near Pizzeria Rondo. You start along the Sava River. The Orehovo village got its name after walnuts (»orehi«) that, due to a favorable microclimate, successfully resisted spring frost. On the left, across Sava, you will see a pre-Romanesque church of St. Michael, one of the oldest churches in Posavje. On the right, you will have a view of the Zasavje shelf on which stands a spectacular mountain village of Razbor. From the Sava top, you will see the most beautiful Sava meander in Posavje, including the Šmarčna and Kompolje village. On its riverside plains, hardworking locals built hayracks, a Slovenian architectural specialty. Across the bridge in Šmarčna, you arrive to the church of Our Lady of Mercy, where the Sevnica cycling club organizes the blessing of cyclists and bicycles each March at the beginning of the cycling season. From Kompolje to Boštanj, the path runs along a cycling trail. At the St. Nicholas church, before the Boštanj hydro power plant, begins a short ascent to the Boštanj top. If your young aspiring cyclists are already tired you can complete your trip by continuing along Sava to a road bridge, crossing the river and turning back to the starting point. Ascent to Boštanj will reward you with a view across Sevnica. Descend to the Felicijan Inn, where river Mirna enters the Sava River. Through the Radna top, you cycle down to the pedestrian bridge over Sava. Along the river you ride under the old Sevnica market center. A climb to the Sevnica Castle will make your blood run faster through the veins. Among the mighty castle walls, you will be able to take a look at numerous collections. On the northern Sevnica hinterlands, you descend through Grič, passing Kopitarna Sevnica, a shoe last factory, to the Sevnična valley and the roundabout in Šmarje. Since 1886, Kopitarna Sevnica produced famous wooden clogs for many generations in this part of Europe. Do you have a pair in your closet too?

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