Trail of Peasant Revolt

We set off on a journey along the trail of revolting peasants of the Middle Ages. If the old village linden trees could speak, they would tell us about the courage and hard life of the peasants who fought for fairer tax laws. 

The trail follows their footsteps from Sevnica to Bistrica ob Sotli where an army of rebel peasants led by Ilija Gregorić was defeated. In the times of feudalism, Kozjansko flourished. The towns of this area already had market rights. Various crafts were developed and trade flourished. Due to their unfavourable terrain, the railway and the main road connections of the region have bypassed these places, so the cultural landscape has not changed much to this day. This fact and rich natural heritage contributed to the creation of the regional park Kozjanski Park. 

We will ride along the valley of Sevnična Creek to Planina pri Sevnici which lies on a ridge and a hill pass. Let us not forget to climb the lookout tower of the ruins of Planina Castle from where we can enjoy a beautiful view of the nearby forest massif of Bohor and its surroundings. In the nearby village of Šentvid pri Planini, in the Church of Saint Vitus, which has a seven-sided bell tower, the Count of Celje Frederick II and Veronika of Desenice secretly married. 

Through Lesična we cycle uphill to Pilštanj, historically the most important settlement of Kozjansko. The legend of Pilštanj’s Saint Ema is still alive to this day. Where hides the Heathen Maiden (Ajdovska žena)? At every turn we will feel the former grandeur of this place. 

We will ride along the valley of the Bistrica River to Kozje, where the legend of the dragon from the valley of Bistri Graben, which was fooled by the smart local people with a goat, still lives. That is also how the place received its name, since ‘Kozje’ comes from ‘koza’ which in Slovene means ‘goat’. In Podsreda, houses are built only along the market street, as it was usual in the time of the revolting peasants. It is a real treasure trove of interesting things. The village’s name alludes to the Slovene word for Wednesday which is the day of the week when the village’s markets and trials were held in the past. Pillories mark the entire route along the Trail of Peasant Revolt. Let us go to Kozjansko, where the spirit of medieval settlements is still alive to this day.

Route elevation profile

Višisnki profil