Vranje Horseback Riding Club

In Vranje pri Sevnici, on the property of the Vranje-Sevnica Horseback Riding Club, there is a stopping point for riders and cyclists. The stop is equipped with:

  • a bike repair pillar for regular and e-bikes,

  • a charging station for e-bikes,

  • a wooden table with two benches with a backrest, under a hayrack,

  • a drinking fountain with a special sink for any four-legged friends,

  • and an information board providing information about the green destination of Sevnica and the wider tourist region of Posavje and Kozjansko.

Location: The Vranje-Sevnica Horseback Riding Club is located north-east of Sevnica (6 km) in the direction of the archaeological site of Ajdovski gradec, 4.1 km from Kregl Guesthouse in Gornje Brezovo (address: Vranje 19, 8290 Sevnica).

Offer and activity: Experience an unforgettable adventure with horses and discover the hidden corners of Sevnica from horseback.

  • Horseback riding school (beginner course, course “Rider 1”, advanced course “Rider 2”),

  • pony riding,

  • casual riding,

  • off-road riding,

  • horseback riding workshops,

  • horseback riding camps,

  • birthday celebrations with horses,

  • programs for kindergartens, schools and other organized groups.

Where to go in the area?

  • Visit the archaeological site of Ajdovski gradec (0.8 km);

  • for a complete experience, we recommend buying an Ajdovski gradec basket (more info at dozivljaj@kstm.si).

  • St. Stephen's Church in Vranje is the starting point of the “Church Trail” – find out more at Pot cerkva (bikeridewalk.si),

  • accommodation and food at the nearby Grobelnik Tourist Farm, 2 km (www.grobelnik.si)

  • visits to local wine and cured meat producers...

Contact details:

T: +386 31 709 563 (Jerca Felicijan)

T: +386 51 255 138 (Peter Kus)

E: kkvranje.sevnica@gmail.com

W: http://kkvranje-sevnica.net/